About Your Appointment - Important information for the Bride!

Setting an appointment


We request that each bride schedule an appointment so that we can make sure you have a private dressing room and a dedicated consultant available just for you.  We strive to give you the bridal boutique experience of a lifetime.  We want to be your one and only wedding shop!  You can fill out our form on our home page, message us on Facebook or call us at 317-586-8061 to schedule your private appointment!

About your appointment


Appointments are 2 hours long.  You are welcome to bring special guests with you.  Each viewing room has comfortable seating for up to 8 people.  You don't need to bring or wear anything special EXCEPT we do require that you wear underwear!  Please no alcohol.  We offer a very relaxed and friendly environment for you.

Selecting Your Gown


We will ask you about your budget when you arrive.  We will show you all the gowns in your price range and let you choose as many as you want to try on.  As you try on, we will help you narrow down your favorites until you are left with  "The One!"  Then it's time to celebrate this moment by getting photos with your loved ones!

Saying YES to your Dress!

Pricing and Paying


Our current gowns that can be re-ordered are priced between $800.00 - $2000.00.   We also have a small collection of current gowns priced between $600.00 - $750.00.  We also have a sale room with gowns priced from $400.00 - $1100.00 available for off the rack purchase only.  We require a 50% deposit to purchase any gown.  If we special order the gown, the balance is due when the gown arrives.  If it is an off-the-rack purchase, the balance is due within 60 days.  



After you have found your gown, it is time to think about your bridesmaids dresses.  These dresses will take approximately 10-12 weeks to come in after they are ordered.  You will also need to allow time for alterations.  If you purchase your wedding gown with UBB all of your bridesmaids will receive 10% off their dresses!  If you would like to schedule a bridesmaids appointment after your bridal appointment, just let us know that when you are scheduling.  

Picking up your Gown


After you have paid your initial 50% deposit, we will order your gown for you or we will place your off-the-rack dress in our locked storage closet.  If your gown has been ordered, we will send you a text message to let you know what the approximate shipping date will be.  Once your gown arrives, we will text you again that it is time to come try it on, pay off the balance, and take it home with you.  If you have purchased off-the-rack we will text you when your 60 days is close to being up so you can make arrangements for final payment and pick up.  

The Final Steps



Almost every gown will need some sort of alterations.  We will order the gown as close to your size as possible but it will still need a nip and tuck to make it fit you perfectly.  We have two professionals we can recommend to you.  They do not work for UBB but we have worked with both of them for years and know they do excellent work.  We will provide contact information and a base price list for both.  You will set up your appointment with them directly or you are welcome to use anyone of your choosing.  We suggest you start your alterations 3 months before the wedding.

Enjoy your Wedding Day!


Once you have your gown back from alterations, it is important to keep it in the garment bag we provide to you to keep it in pristine condition.  You will want to have your gown steamed before the wedding to make sure it is wrinkle free for the big day.  Steaming should take place as close to the wedding day as possible.  You can ask your alterations person if they will steam it or you can use a personal hand steamer to remove the wrinkles if you feel confident in doing so.  Just be sure to make arrangements for steaming ahead of time so you are assured it will be done before you walk down the aisle.

Tell ALL your Friends to come to Unique Boutique and Bridal!


The biggest compliment you can give us is to recommend us to your friends.   We would also love to have you post your wedding photos on our Facebook page so we can share them with all of our Facebook family.  

Thank you so much for choosing Unique Boutique and Bridal.  We are honored to have a part in your most special of days.

SUPER Important but hard to talk about!

Please don't be a NO-SHOW


Because we only conduct private appointments, we go to extraordinary care to make sure your appointment is as perfect as possible.  We schedule 2 consultants, reserve a private room and block out that time to any other brides.  If you don't show up for your appointment, it is devastating to our business.  If you have something come up or if you find your gown somewhere else (gasp!), we are big girls!  We can handle it without too many tears.  Please just call us and let us know so we can open your room up for someone else who wants to come experience our wonderfulness.

Only Schedule When You Are Ready to Say Yes To Your Dress!


We know that trying on wedding gowns is super exciting and that you want to go do it as soon as you get engaged - BUT  - it is a terrible idea to try on gowns if you are not ready to actually make your decision.  Trying on gowns "just to get some ideas" is not fair to the brides who would like to have your appointment time and who are ready to make their decisions.  If you fall in love with a gown but it is too early for you to purchase, it is almost certain that your favorite gown will not be available when you are ready.  It is best to start shopping 7 months to 1 year before your big day.  That way styles will be fresh and you can make the best decision on your perfect wedding gown.  Having your bridal moment is a once in a lifetime experience.  Don't miss it by shopping before you can commit.

Be Prepared to Make Your Deposit


It is always better to be prepared with funds for a deposit and not need them than to find the perfect dress and not be able to order it because you don't have the funds available.  You never know when you will find the wedding dress of your dreams.  Sometimes it happens when you least expect it.  So, anytime you are trying on a gown, even if it is an impromptu drop-in on the local boutique, make sure you are able to make your deposit.  If you can't put at least 50% of your total budget down, don't try them on.  You will only have your heart broken!  If you won't have the needed money until after your tax check arrives, schedule your appointments for after the check arrives.  If Grandma is buying your dress, make sure she is able to come with you or gives you money before you come to your appointment.  This may sound really harsh but in 10 years we have seen our fair share of brides leave in tears because they are not able to order their dream dress.  

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